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Designed to Store Molecular Hydrogen Better

Our team created a bottle that would store molecular hydrogen water better than other bottles.


Molecular Hydrogen immediately dissipates into the air. If kept in normal materials such as plastics, cups etc.

There are over 600 medical studies that are showing amazing health benefits for drinking molecular hydrogen.

You should be drinking about 2-3 liters of molecular hydrogen water a day for best health results.

Stainless steel and aluminum flasks are the best way to store molecular hydrogen for longer periods of time.

H2 KEEP Locks in Molecular Hydrogen

Specifically designed to better store your favorite alkaline or hydrogen water, Keep is the way to take H2 on the go.

Superior Temperature Preservation

The Vacuum insulated design keeps cold molecular hydrogen water cool up to 24 hours & hot up to 12 hours.

Made of 18/8 Stainless Steel

With a double walled insulated stainless steel design, H2 keeps in molecular hydrogen much longer.

H2 Keep Stores Hydrogen 3X-4X Longer

Data shows that when generated from the H2 Well, H2 Keep can help store molecular hydrogen 3X-4X longer.

Drink Hydrogen Water All Day

At home and at the office, in the car and in the gym, you can confidently carry your cool H2 Keep Bottle that was specifically design to carry your hydrogen water.