Better health begins with the smallest elements in life. Experience the fuel of life with Q-Life, now available in Turkey.

Meet Q-Cup Touch

Transform your drinking water into safe and high quality molecular hydrogen water in a little over 3 minutes. The new and improved Q-Cup Touch design and software upgrades using Japanese SPE technology & Korean grade titanium will take you to the next level of hydrogen water hydration. Experience the natural healing properties of molecular hydrogen for your health today.

Fight Harmful Free Radicals

Molecular Hydrogen finds bad free radicals in our bodies, especially the Hydroxyl free radicals and neutralizes them before they damage our cells. What happens is the hydrogen molecule will give or donate an electron to the free radical creating a molecule of water or H2O, an important element our bodies need to survive.

Get Healthy with Q-Cup Touch

Research again and again shows that harmful Free Radicals damage our cells. They are a major reason why we heal slow, get sick easily, age faster and develop diseases. Below are just some of the sources of free radicals, the amount of which we can reduce by making a few lifestyle choices, and drinking hydrogen rich water.
Alcohol Consumption
Viruses & Bacteria
UV Rays
Processed Food
Household Chemicals
Lack of Sleep
Drugs & Antibiotics

Q-Cup Touch is a Lifestyle

Hydrogen has been studied and proposed to be a super effective antioxidant. It is hundreds of times more effective than Vitamin C and has no side effects and can be consumed without limitations or restrictions. Drink the best water for your health with Q-Cup Touch - next generation Portable Hydrogen Water Generator.


Antioxidant Power

It supports the immune system, improves cellular health and protects from diseases caused by free radicals.

Stronger Mind

By enhancing better nutrient absorption in the body, it not only increases mental alertness, but also provides higher quality of sleep.

Weight Loss

It increase blood circulation, helps to lower saturated fat and cholesterol levels, thereby increasing the metabolism, which results in weight loss.

Better Skin

It reduces aging to give healthy-looking skin by detoxing your body from free radicals. It stabilizes health and supports faster healing.



Molecular hydrogen is one of the best antioxidants! It can generate up to -650mV of antioxidants, providing the highest quality hydration.


With Q-Cup Touch, you can enjoy quality hydrogen water up to 1300ppb or 1.3ppm in just 3.5 minutes.


The Dual Use Design lets you use most standard water bottles anywhere you go, from your office to the gym.


Say goodbye to Ozone & Chlorine!A sleek base and a pressure release lid, the new Q-Cup Touch has an effective gas release chamber.


The dual lithium battery design allows you to generate Hydrogen up to 30 cycles on a full charge. The Q-Cup touch can also be used with a power pack or when directly plugged in.

The Only Self Cleaning Hydrogen Bottle

The Q-Cup Touch self clean mode can also make sanitizing water which removes odors & kill up to 99% of germs and bacteria.