Better health begins with the smallest elements in life. Experience the fuel of life with Q-Life, now available in Turkey.

Secret to Glowing Healthy Skin

The Q-Mist hydrogen diffuser is the secret to keeping your skin healthy and glowing. The Q-Mist was designed to help you achieve maximum moisture retention, protect against harmful free radical damage while slowing down the aging process. Using two high grade titanium rods, the Q-mist can dissolve molecular hydrogen instantly.

Benefits of Hydrogen Rich Water

Many studies around the world show the multitude of benefits of hydrogen therapy. From healing acne to shrinking pores, Qlife Mist is the next revolution product for your skin.
Protect Against UV Rays

Studies show hydrogen water protects our skin against harmful UV rays. It neutralizes free radicals caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS), which cause wrinkles, inflammation and skin diseases.

The revolutionary Q-mist creates micro water clusters through electrolysis for faster skin absorption and maximize moisturizing, keeping the skin young healthy and glowing.

Hydrogen rich water not only sterilizes up to 99% of bacteria and eliminates wastes, but it is also medically proven to fight various skin diseases, including allergies and atopic dermatitis.

Skin damage is not a factor of aging, but oxidative stress which surfaces on the skin. By powerfully exfoliating the skin, Q-Mist functions as an anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property.

Sleek Design for Your Convenience

The Q-Mist was designed small so you can keep your skin moisturized anywhere, any time. With a full-scale glossy finish and scratch resistant surface with maximum durability and a built-in water tank, the Q-Mist possesses a compact, elegant and ergonomic design, made for your ultimate health and convenience.

Ultrasonic Mist Technology

Ultrasonic mist technology vibrates over a sequence of 120K times per second, creating the finest nanoparticle for best skin absorption. Infusing fine molecular hydrogen, watch the Q-mist generate tiny hydrogen bubbles while you use it. The blue LED backlight makes hydrogen generation all the more fun and exciting.

The Only Nano-Scaling Hydrogen Mister

Diffusing hydrogen rich water is the ultimate skin moisturizing antioxidant with anti-acne properties that shrinks pores and provides a deep clean and long-lasting moisturizing.

How It Works

Nano Particles Can Easily Be Absorbed by the Skin

The electrolysis process transforms water molecules into smaller clusters for maximum skin absorption. This process called micro-clustering allows water to penetrate the skin better offering maximum skin moisturizing benefits.

Hydrogen has Super Antioxidant Properties

Free radicals from oxidative is the number one cause of aging & skin disease. Molecular hydrogen ionized water a strong antioxidant that reduce skin oxidation, free radicals, and dryness of skin and spots.

Unleash the Healing Properties of Hydrogen

Generating up to 800 ppb of molecular dissolved hydrogen with mineral water. The hydrogen can heal and repair damaged skin cells, keeping your skin young & healthy.

Fight acne, Stop inflammation, Protect Your Skin

Hydrogen water contains strong anti-inflammatory properties that eliminates toxins and bacterias in skin. To reduce acnes, blackheads, and other wastes.


By instantly turning any mineral water into Hydrogen Rich Water, with Q-mist you can leave wrinkles behind and always stay young.

Tested & Approved

After soaking paper clips in both H2 water and tap water for 24 hours, the tap water clip began to rust whereas the one in H2 water stayed new.


Simple To Use Design

With a rotating water tank cap you can easily twist and turn counter clockwise to unlock the cap and easily fill with water thanks to the 12 mm diameter water inlet.


Long Lasting

The high capacity 500 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery, it lasts over 2 hours with continuous use, so you can carry it with you anytime, anywhere.