Better health begins with the smallest elements in life. Experience the fuel of life with Q-Life, now available in Turkey.

Fuel of Life

Hydrogen is the smallest and the lightest anti-oxidant. By powerfully eliminating harmful free radicals from your body, it helps to prevent oxidative stress, fight various diseases and protect against cellular damage. Experience the countless health benefits of the molecular hydrogen with Qlife!

Unhealthy diets, stress and pollution are only a few elements that cause formations of free radicals in our bodies. Studies show that hydrogen water acts as a powerful anti-oxidant.

Research shows we should drink 2-3 liters of water a day. H2 rich water is like a plate of superfood and much more effective in keeping energy levels high and your immune system strong.

Free radical cause aging. Studies have shown that drinking hydrogen rich water over time can help your cells to recover faster, look younger, aid weight control and enhance your mood.

Drinking molecular hydrogen water daily will not only help you maximize physical endurance, but also improve brain function and memory as well as increase your sleep quality.

The Power of Molecular Hydrogen

Each of our products is designed to unleash the powers of the molecular hydrogen, which is hundred times more effective than Vitamin C. From hydrogen water generators to hydrogen bath, Qlife is committed to provide solutions to harness the Power of Molecular hydrogen. Discover the fuel of life for yourselves!

Your personal portable hydrogen water maker, Q-cup Infuses any drinkable water with dissolved hydrogen and antioxidants, helping the body fight harmful free radicals.


Instantly dissolving molecular hydrogen, Q-Mist hydrogen diffuser is the secret to keeping your skin protected and well moisturized.


The new and improved Q-Cup Touch design and software upgrades using Japanese SPE technology and takes you to the next level of hydrogen water hydration.


The Q-Spa will transform your ordinary bath’s into a transdermal therapy spa infusing your bath water with hydrogen rich gas.


Developed with the newest technology, The H2 Well Countertop Hydrogen Water Generator is a fundamental part of a healthy-conscious home.


Specifically designed to store your alkaline or hydrogen water better, the H2 Keep Bottle is the best way to take your favorite water on the go.


Target Immunity


Target Weight Loss


Target Skin Glow

Molecular Hydrogen Knowledge

If you need more information on the positive effects of molecular hydrogen on our health and why you need to get Qlife, check out our blog that provides interesting findings from many prestigious research studies.

What are Free Radicals

Our bodies develop free radicals due to stress, pollution, unhealthy diets and poor lifestyle choices like smoking. Research, again and again, has shown that harmful Free Radicals damage our cells and cause mutations. They are a major reason why we heal slower, get sick easier, age faster & develop various diseases. Learning to neutralize these harmful free radicals are key to keeping our bodies healthy.

What does Molecular Hydrogen Do?

Molecular Hydrogen finds bad free radicals in our bodies, especially the Hydroxyl free radicals, and neutralizes them before they damage our cells. What happens is the hydrogen molecule will give or donate an electron to the free radical creating a molecule of water or H2O, an important element our bodies need to survive.

Is It Safe to Use?

Very safe. Molecular hydrogen as an antioxidant supplement has no unpleasant side effects because when H2 neutralizes free-radicals, the byproduct is water. Hydrogen has been studied and proposed to be an effective antioxidant. It is hundreds of times more effective than Vitamin C and has no side effects and can be consumed without limitations or restrictions.

How do you take Molecular Hydrogen?

There are various ways to intake molecular hydrogen, from saline injections, inhalation, hydrogen tablets, hydrogen water pouches & with hydrogen water generator. The easiest and most effective of them is simply generating hydrogen from a generator and drinking it. This is the mission of Qlife Solutions.