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The process of reducing stress may be as easy as eating better as a number of studies have shown that anxiety, as well as sleep deprivation and depression, are linked to gut health. Gut bacteria not only positively affects the digestive system but also the brain as that is the center of the whole body where most of the problems of the mind such as stress and anxiety occur.

Mental distress is always linked with digestive distress and studies have shown that the foundation of most mental illnesses is not the brain as many may think for most of the time thereby making it obvious that certain diet changes and improvements could increase mental strength as well reducing mental stress. Since it is obvious that disorders related to stress are majorly a factor of gut health and if we can actually put to the rest the disorders associated with the gut then we can be rest assured that the body would be less stressed than it used to be before.

Stress has for most of the time has been associated with a majority of normal causes like lack of sleep as well as excess work being the foundation which majority take into consideration anytime stress is mentioned. Here are some of the best means to purify the gut and in turn reduce stress for a better livelihood.


A couple of studies have shown that exercising properly help bacteria to thrive in the gut. This exercise improves the peristalsis (the movement of digestive food through the digestive tract into the lower colon of the body) which has more probiotic bacteria than any other part of the body and not exercising does the exact opposite to the body.


What is a prebiotic? It is a specialized plant fiber that nourishes good bacteria in the large colon. Probiotics act as fertilizers to the good bacteria’s available in the gut already as well as introducing new bacteria into the gut as well. The perfect prebiotic mix is a combination of some superfoods. 


We all know about the essence of molecular hydrogen as it helps with the reduction of oxidative stress, a problem which leads to many diseases today.
There are many beneficial reasons why we should incorporate molecular hydrogen into our health regimen. In fact, the molecular hydrogen helps the gut microbiomes stay very healthy by reducing oxidative stress and is very easy to use obtain molecular hydrogen. Many molecular hydrogen generators today can help produce hydrogen water within minutes but beware of older technology that do not use SPE/PEM membranes. Another option is you can also look into the costly hydrogen supplements that you can place into any beverage which takes 15 minutes to dissolve completely adding molecular hydrogen to the beverage.


Natural food depicts food that has its distinct properties unchanged and still has its nutritional properties intact. The term processed food depicts a certain type of food in which the composition has been somewhat purposely changed before consumption. The nutritional benefits attached to the consumption of processed foods are close to nothing instead, the provide harmful chemicals and artificial chemicals and ingredients which slowly but purposefully weaken the immune system. A more natural and varied diet with natural foods promote good gut health as the hundreds of species of bacteria in the play a different role in the health of the body and they require nutrient for sustenance and growth.


Toxins, as the name implies, have a tendency to do one thing and that is to kill. Most of the healthy bacteria in the body are killed once they come in contact with toxins as well as strong medicines like antibiotics. Healthy gut bacteria are also killed by pesticides which are sprayed on non-organic food we eat as they contain glyphosate. Here’s how it works. The body mistakes the poisonous glyphosate for beneficial neurotransmitter glycine and incorporates it into the metabolism of the body. Glyphosate has its roots in so many bad diseases like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (GOPD), diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, neural tube defects, hypertension, glaucoma, fatty liver disease, and osteoporosis.


Polyphenols are plant compounds that help with the reduction of blood pressure, oxidative stress, cholesterol and inflammation. At the ingestion of these polyphenol rich foods, the human cells do not have the ability to digest the compounds contained in these foods so they make their way to the colon, where they are digested by the gut bacteria. Sources of good polyphenol include green tea, almonds, onions grapes, blueberries, broccoli and dark chocolate.


Probiotics are supplements that introduce live bacterial microbes into the digestive tracts of the body and in turn help with improvement of gut health. Few supplement companies today offer all natural probiotic and antioxidant combinations that fully survive the harsh conditions of the stomach and arrives in the small intestine alive and at that point gets to do what it already has to do.


Beneficial bacteria are always available in fermented foods which is very beneficial to gut health compared to foods that have been pasteurized and contain no live culture. Choices of great fermented foods include kombucha, sauerkraut, coconut kefir and kimchi as many of these foods are very rich in lactobacilli, very beneficial gut bacteria.


Fruits and vegetables are very beneficial sources of nutrients for a very healthy microbiota. They are very high in fiber which is very easy to digest by the human body and can also be digested better by certain bacteria in the gut which stimulates growth. Organic foods are better because they do not contain pesticides which kill gut bacteria.

Examples of organic foods: peas, broccoli, artichokes, and Brussels sprouts.


Motor parasympathetic fibers are supplied by the vagus nerve. This supply of motor parasympathetic goes to all organs of the body except the adrenal glands all the way from the neck down to the second segment of the transverse colon. The vagus nerve helps regulate speech, sweating, various gastrointestinal functions as well as heart rate.

Stimulation of the vagus nerve can be stimulated in so many ways such as: massages, positive thinking as well as yoga.


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